About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves...

Mill's Pride Kitchens is your online Kitchen Cabinet wholesaler with a vast array of styles colors and selection.  We offer a Selection of Home Depot replacement doors solutions like Mill's Pride Kitchen Cabinets Doors, Distinctions Cabinetry, Premier Cabinetry, and All Wood Cabinetry.  We are not associated with Masco Corporation or Home Depot.  Our products consist of mostly Mill's Pride original stock sold by Home Depot and products that we produce. 

Our agenda is simple: "Best Products, Best Service, Best Value" and we work really hard to fulfill this agenda on a daily basis. 

Best Products means that we use state of the art technology, to ensure that you will get the best craftsmanship and the best materials. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer 1-year warranty on our all wood kitchen cabinets and vanities including our Mill’s Pride doors.

Best Service means that we always think of you and our company is always revolving on customer expectations and pricing.

Best Value: Simple, if you find a better deal Mill's Pride Kitchens Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities with the same quality as other wholesalers like Kitchens Pro at the best possible price. 
Our prices are simply the best and if you find a lower price we will try to beat it. (some restrictions apply)

What is the Mill's Pride Kitchens different?

Most importantly: We provide all of the door styles and cabinets produce by Mill’s Pride Company originally sold thru Home Depot.

Mill's Pride Kitchens offers a replacement doors for Mill's Pride, Distinctions Cabinetry, Premier Cabinetry, and our own brand of Cabinetry.