General Questions

General Questions

Why should I buy from Mill's Pride Kitchens?

We offer Mill's Pride Replacement Doors, Cabinets, and Accesories that were sold via Home Depot.  Other Kitchen Brands that we carry are Distinctions Cabinetry, Premier Cabinetry, Room Additions, and Ventian Cabinets sold by Masco.

How long does it take to receive my order once it is placed?

Mill's Pride Kitchens provides the fastest lead time in the industry.  Our normal lead time is approximately is 2-5 weeks depending on the product availability plus one week for shipping from date of shipment.   On items that are out of stock we will custom make it and should be available within 4-6 weeks and also. Ask Sales rep for approximate lead times and availability upon order.

I’ve checked your website to see available sizes.  Can you customize any sizes besides the ones that are in your website?

Mill's Pride Kitchens have both stock size and custom special order.  The cabinets and doors can be order in all of the regular stock sizes or be manufacture to your specifications.  Lead times are longer on non-stock sizes.   

What is the product made off and how is it packaged?

Mill's Pride Kitchens is located in CA and has to abide by the new CARB regulations imposed by the State.  Therefore, our product will be based on the CARB requirement in CA and will be packaged accordingly for transportation requirements to prevent damaged product.  Outside of CA our product will be of the best in the industry which is European E1 Quality.

Packaging is made by cardboard boxes with a 1 ½” or 2” Styrofoam around it. (Note for returns de items have to be shipped out in original boxes and with the Styrofoam for protection.)

Do you only offer Mill’s Pride Replacement Doors?

Mill's Pride Kitchens not only offers Mill's Pride Replacement doors, but other brands as well.  Other lines sold by Masco include Distinctions Cabinetry, Premier Cabinetry, and Venician Cabinets.  We also sell All wood kitchens, stainless steel sinks, European style cabinetry, and other kitchen accessories.


 How long does it usually take to ship the Doors and Cabinets?

Order lead time is 2- 4 weeks depending on item.  If we are extremely busy it may take longer but we will make sure to prioritize our queue according to your needs.  Please note that special order items are subject to a longer lead time.  Some items can take up to 4-6 weeks. During peak seasons Mar-June and Oct-Dec lead times may increase due to high demand.  Please ask representative for shipment info and availability. 

Once shipped how can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, we will email you a tracking number with a link to the carrier’s website where you can track your shipment at any given time and get an updated delivery date and time. 

Remember that sometimes it takes the carrier’s system up to 24 hours to update, so if you just received your tracking number it may not be available for tracking immediately.

In the near future you should be able to track your shipment thru our company website

Do you ship to other parts outside of the Continental USA?

Yes, Mill's Pride Kitchens ships outside the continental US.  Including Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

NOTE:  Shipping to Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico depends on the area and subject to a Value Added Tax (VAT).  Customer is responsible for duties and VAT taxes.

If you live in northern Canada or in a rural area, and you don’t have a terminal in your area the cost of shipping will might change, but those are very rare scenarios.

Assuming you live in or near a major city you shouldn’t have to worry about it, but for a definite answer you can send us your postal code to get a firm shipping quote.

What is Mill's Pride Kitchens Warranty?

We offer a 1 year warranty on manufacture defects on all of our products sold by our company on product replacement only.  Warranty is only on product and does not include Labor Costs, Shipping and handling, or any other cost. If item is damaged you should contact our sales department with pictures to file a claim.

Original Mill's Pride warranty are not covered by our company you will have to consult your nearest Home Depot for their warranty.