Mill's Pride Kitchens Free Kitchen Design

The room that you spend most of the time is the Kitchen. Why not make this room special with a brand new kitchen and enjoy your life cooking away.

Free Professional Kitchen Design

We use state of the art kitchen design software from US technologies 20/20 kitchen software.

Here at Mill's Pride Kitchens, we understand is that most customers struggle with the kitchen design layout. We offer our services for just $59.95 initial fee and is refundable when you purchase your NEW Kitchen Cabinets thru us.

Most Big Box centers like Home Depot and Lowes can charge up to $100 for the same service. Mill's Pride Kitchens has limit their pricing to make it more affordable to the end consumer and it is free once you buy the cabinets from us the fee will be apply to your purchase.

You can get the Free design service when you purchases your cabinets. So at the end you do not pay anything for the service and will have a kitchen design by our professionals with over 20 years of experience.